Friday, May 15, 2009

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The fish that Jacob cooks/eats is a red herring.

Ben quips that he is a Pisces (a red herring?) but he is a Sagittarius (from the epi Deceptions and Cons).

Richard responds to the question of "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" with "Ille qui nos omnes servabit" or "He who will protect/save us all."

Jacob's tapestry contains phrases written in ancient Greek from Homer's Odyssey 6:180 and 8:413:
"ΘΕΟΙ ΤΟΣΑ ΔΟΙΕΝ ΟΣΑ ΦΡΕΣΙ ΣΗΣΙ ΜΕΝΟΙΝΑΣ", or, "may the gods grant thee all that thy heart desires." And,
"[ΘΕΟΙ ΔΕ] ΤΟΙ ΟΛΒΙΑ ΔΟΙΕΝ", or, "may the gods give you happiness."

The opening scene of Jacob spinning is a reference to The Fates; three Greek mythological women who were the spinners of destiny. The first fate spun the thread of life; she determined the time of a person's birth. The second fate measured the thread of life; she determined a person's life span. The third fate was the cutter of the thread of life; she determined the time of a person's death.

Ben's relationship with Jacob bears similarity to the story of Job, a pious man who's faith is tested by tragedy in order to settle a bet between God and Satan (except that Job remains faithful).

Jacob's enemy knows he can't kill Jacob, just as Ben says to Widmore "We both know I can't do that" according to The Rules when Widmore asks if Ben had come to kill him (from the epi The Shape of Things to Come).

Thursday, May 7, 2009

An open letter to Benjamin Linus:

Dear Benjamin Linus,

Everything about you irks me the right way-your voice, your mannerisms, even the awkward, aggressive influxes in your voice. Your eyes have a special glow and your short stature appeals to me on multiple levels. If there is any way for us to be together, I will do whatever it takes. I love you.

-Alexandra Hamile